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Why Choose Us ?

Making a decision related to nursing home / rehabilitative care can be a difficult one. We believe the decision can be made easier with the right information. Sometimes, you are required to choose between the best nursing care and the best rehabilitative services. We offer the best of both, as well as the capability of caring for those with memory impairments and Alzheimer’s disease.

The Center for Extended Care at Amherst continues to be family owned and has been since 1967. Our staff are compassionate, caring and committed. Over the years we have found that our staff makes the difference in the care we provide. When they’re satisfied, that translates to excellent quality care for our residents. That’s why we listen and strive to meet their needs, as well as the needs of our residents who are entrusted to our care.

Word-of-mouth is a good way to find out more about skilled nursing care. Ask your friends, neighbors and business acquaintances their opinion on which nursing facility provides the finest care in the area. We think the response will be overwhelmingly in our favor. That confidence can only come from years of experience in providing the kind of services that people expect and deserve, consistently and dependably.